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About Us
Why Invest with us?

An excellent opportunity to get passive income without having to work or trade! A Jumping Bears Crypto account is an investment investments are run by expert crypto-currency traders and miners . You can keep up with the profitability of the investment and, if you wish, you can always withdraw your funds at any point in time. The history and chart of the Jumping Bears Crypto investment are always at your fingertips so that you can choose a stable and profitable account to your liking. Your investments are fully insured and you are guaranteed security on your investments. Start Earning now without having to trade on your own.

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With over one year of operation in Crypto Investment, we continue to improve in making and keeping our ever growing clientelle base.
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Faq / Frequently asked questions
In what currency is the interest calculated in?

All investments are booked in local currency eg. USD and not in BTC value. If you invest 100$ worth of BTC, you get 100$ + 3% interest in 7days.

What is the minimum investment?

Minimum investment is 50$ equivalent in BTC.

Are there longer investment durations? and what are the terms

The standard investment duration is 7 days after which you can re-invest.